Where do the funds from my purchase go?

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100% of the profits from The Purpose Package go to life-saving cancer research and care at The Princess Margaret. Learn more at


How does your subscription plan work?

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Once you are ready to purchase your Purpose Package, your credit card will be charged the day you order the current season’s box. Our team will then work hard to put together your box and have it shipped out within 30 days. The month before our next season’s box launch, you will receive an e-mail reminder that your card will be charged again on a certain date, and your box will be shipped after that.

Can I pause my subscription?

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Yes! You can log in at any time to pause your subscription.

When will I be billed for each box?

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Your first box will be billed at the time of checking out. The next scheduled boxes will be charged on the launch date of each seasonal box, currently planned for spring, fall, and winter.

How do I update my billing information?

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You can log in to your account to manage and update your credit card and billing information.

What is the billing/shipping schedule?

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You will be charged the day you order your first box (whichever seasonal box is available at that time) and it will be shipped out within 30 days of that date. Our boxes will be launched every four months. Our next seasonal box will be launching in September 2021, and you will be notified of this between July and August 2021.

Can I cancel my subscription?

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Yes, you can log in at any time to cancel future orders.


Is shipping charged separately?

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Yes, shipping is charged separately. Shipping rates vary by location and is calculated at check out.

When will my subscription box ship?

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Your subscription box will ship within 30 days from the date your order is processed. 

Do you ship internationally?

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Right now, we only ship within Canada. Never say never, though! We may expand our shipping borders in the future.

How long does it take to ship my package?

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Shipping times are dependent on the carrier’s shipping times and any circumstances that may affect their delivery. With COVID, it is currently not possible to estimate an exact shipping time, but we hope to have your box at your door within a week of receiving your shipment notification!

How do I update my shipping address?

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You can log in to your account to update your shipping information. Shipping information must be updated at least 30 days prior to season renewal to avoid receiving the Purpose Package to the wrong address.


What do I do if I received a damaged product, or am missing a product?

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If there are any issues with your box, including a damaged or missing product, please e-mail and we will fix this issue!

Can I return my subscription box?

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Once your credit card is charged for that season’s box, we cannot provide a refund. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

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Yes, you can log in at any time to cancel future orders. 


How do I include my product in the Purpose Package?

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If you are a Canadian owned and operated business and are interested in including your product in The Purpose Package, please e-mail us at with the subject line “Partnership Inquiry.”

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